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Industrial Delivery Robot

T300 Engagement in Industrial Delivery Processes


Maximum Loads (kg)


Minimum Clearance (cm)


Run-time (none load) (hour)


Navigation Methods

Auto & Semi-auto Delivery Modes

Auto-delivery Mode

The T300 is capable of autonomous navigation and can deliver goods to any designated destination. Additionally, you can swiftly adjust the maps to accommodate changes in the production line.

Follow Mode

The T300 employs visual recognition technology to facilitate an orderly queuing and following mechanism among multiple robots, a system primarily used for material preparation and the transportation of assorted goods.

Power-assist Mode

When manual intervention is required for specific tasks or map generation, the T300 is equipped with an electric power-assist system to facilitate hand-pushing operations, thereby enhancing delivery efficiency and convenience.

Expand Your Capabilities with PUDU Attachments

The diversified expansion of applications significantly enhances the robot's adaptability and versatility, thereby increasing operational efficiency and simplifying procedures, ensuring a more efficient, smooth, and seamless delivery process.

Standard Mode

Shelf Mode

Lifting Mode

Towing Mode


This allows the PUDU T300 to quickly adapt to changes in production layouts without the need for time-consuming reconfiguration or facility remodeling.

Comprehensive Safety Protection

Compliant with the ISO 3691-4 standard, the T300 is equipped with multiple safety measures, including LiDAR sensors, depth cameras, collision protection sensors, and emergency stop buttons. It can identify various low-lying or suspended obstacles and recognize yellow safety lines on the floor, meeting the safety management requirements of factories.

Boasting an exceptional 60cm path clearance

The T300 ensures agile maneuverability in narrow human-robot cohabited spaces

Boasting an exceptional 60cm path clearance

The T300 ensures agile maneuverability in narrow human-robot cohabited spaces

24/7 Non-stop Operations

8 hours of continuous work, 2 hours for rapid charging

The T300 offers an 8-hour battery life and supports a fast 2-hour charging capability. Equipped with both automatic recharging and battery replacement options, it ensures uninterrupted service to fulfill round-the-clock operational requirements.

Automatic Re-Charging

Multimodal Interaction

Traffic signal light design visually presenting driving intentions

Customizable buttons for more organized collaboration.

Audible alerts for effective reminders.

High-brightness operation indicator lights, clearly displaying the robot's position

Product Overview

Machine Dimensions
780mm×500mm×1340 mm
Machine Weight
60kg (standard mode)
Maximum Loads
300 kg
Battery Capacity
Charging Time
2 h (from 0% to 90%)
12h (none load) , 6h(fully load)
Maximum Operating Speed
1.2 m/
Navigation Methods
Minimum Path Clearance
60 cm
Threshold Crossing Height
Maximum 20 mm
Groove Crossing Width
Maximum 35 mm
Operating Environment
0 ℃~ 40 ℃
Site Requirements
Indoor environment and flat ground
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