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Smart Upright Scrubber Dryer

Leave no mess behind

Compared to a conventional mop, SH1 saves 80% on water and cleaning agent usage and reduces cleaning time by 70%. Powerful high-pressure, high-frequency cleaning quickly dissolves even the toughest stains, instantly restoring the floor to pristine condition.

27 KG

Brush Pressure


Brush Speed


Cleaning Efficiency


Water & Solution Usage

Instant Scrub-and-dry Capability

20000pa suction power : The powerful brushless motor and squeegee dry the floor quickly and efficiently, avoiding secondary pollution and delivering a great cleaning result.

Multidimensional Cleaning

Vertical Surface Cleaning

Equipped with innovative accessories, the PUDU SH1 excels at cleaning vertical surfaces, effectively removing grime from glass display cases, tiled walls, mirrors, and windows with ease and precision.

Dead Zone Cleaning

Equipped with specialized attachments, the PUDU SH1 extends its cleaning capabilities effortlessly, ensuring even the most hard-to-reach areas are left spotless.

Touch Screen Interface
Horizontal Surface Cleaning
Low-Profile Spaces Cleaning
360° Surround Cleaning
Edge Cleaning

Product Overview

Machine Dimensions
49 cm * 53 cm * 120 cm
Machine Weight
27 KG
Cleaning Productivity
1100-1600 m²/h
Working Width
44 cm
Squeegee Width
49 cm
Solution Tank Capacity
4 L
Recovery Tank Capacity
4 L
Battery Capacity
18 AH
Standard Mode : 70min
ECO mode : 100 min
Charging Time
2.5 H
Standard Mode : 76dB (A)
ECO mode : 71dB (A)
Brush : soft, medium, and hard materials
Pad : soft, medium, and hard materials
Squeegee Rubber : PRIMOthane, LINATEX
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