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BellaBot will have your restaurant or office running like a well-oiled machine

Learn more about Bellabot and all of its capabilities by visiting our website at bothub
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per day
2 year


per day
* 1 year on-site warranty over lease period
* 2 year on-site warranty over lease period
* Own the robot at end of 2 year period 


* 1 year on-site warranty 
[ Additional warranties can be purchased ]
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Bella Bot is a versatile robot assistant with an extra dose of cuteness

If you are looking for an innovative food-service robot experience, then look no further than BellaBot. Bella Bot is the most advanced food delivery robot on the market today, with superior human-robot interaction skills and a cutting-edge bionic design language.
With this robot, you can create an exciting and futuristic experience for your clients! Ideal for restaurants, karaoke bars, RSL clubs, and hospitals.
  • Bella Bot Can Deliver 400 Food Orders A Day
  • Advanced & Autonomous Navigation System
  • AI-Powered Pudu Robots-Human Interaction Capability
  • Cute Bionic Design For A Unique Customer Service Experience
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Bella Bot - the future of food service delivery

bella bot Perfect for restaurants, cafes, bars, RSL clubs & more!
Perfect for restaurants, cafes, bars, RSL clubs & more!
Bella Bot is a cutting-edge food delivery service robot that can help you grow your business in various ways! Suppose you own a wacky cafe, restaurant, or club. In that case,  the Bella Bot robot can be an excellent support robot for your wait staff or customer service employees! Your employees will embrace Bella as part of the team in no time, thanks to its ability to deliver 400 food and beverage items a day!
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Contactless delivery

Hospitals & hotels now have a robot that delivers food, supplies & medicine in the social distancing age
Make use of this robots sophisticated and autonomous navigation capabilities as a delivery tool for your hotel or hospital. It's an uplifting robot aide that you may use in children's hospitals to deliver food and presents to patients. Thanks to its adorable and charming appearance, its AI-powered human to robot interaction capability, its kitten-like form & face, it's perfect for front of house duties! 
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Autonomous capabilities that will empower the food service industry!

A food delivery robot with a range of features!

Whether it's a quick-release 4-pronged tray system that allows for efficient & autonomous delivery. Maybe it's the advanced positioning navigation, allowing Bella Bot to navigate without having location stickers on your ceiling! This robot assistant is less of a gimmick and more a game-changing tool that may vastly improve your company's productivity. 

Advanced Food Service Robot Features:

  • Advanced Positioning Navigation Solutions
  • Multimodal Interaction
  • Independent Interlinked Suspension
  • Intelligent Tray System - 4 Large Trays Carrying Up To 10kg
  • Cloud Intelligent Service Support Using PUDU Cloud

Used over 60 countries!

Bella Bot has been used by a wide range of organisations, from various sectors, in over 55 countries.
bellabot worlwide international

Customer reviews

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I love my new robot. It's so cute! It does everything I need it to do. The food is always warm and fresh upon delivery. It's easy to teach my patients how to use it, and it's simple for them to operate. It's been a wonderful and really meaningful addition to our hospital. We love you Bella!
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Nurse Manager

Organise Your 7-Day Free Trial!

No Obligation 7-Day Free Trial
  • No obligation to commit, free trial on your premises.
  • Full access to BellaBot's features.
  • A refundable 10% deposit will be requested.
  • Alternatively, you may book a demonstration at our Rydalmere showroom.

 Purchasing Options

Once you have selected your desired plan above, contact us to commence the process. In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us for any clarifications. 
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Bella Bot
Outright Purchase
 (10% Off RRP: $28,000)
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Discounted Pricing
Full technical support over the warranty period (2 years warranty)
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Bella Bot
 $45 Per Day / $38 Per Day
1 Year Plan / 2 Year Plan
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10% refundable deposit at the commencement of the contract
Delivery, onsite installation & training is free!
Rental rebate at buy-out
Full technical support over the warranty period (2 years warranty) & rental period.
Weekly automatic payments
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Learn more about Bellabot and all of its capabilities by visiting our website at bothub


Machine dimention
Robot weight
Machine material
ABS/Aviation-grade aluminum alloy
Charging time
4.5 H
Battery life
12-24H (Replaceable Battery)
Speed: 0.5-1.2m/s (Adjustable) | Climbing angle: ≤ 5°
Load capacity
Max 40kg, 10kg/tray
Positioning method
Marker Positioning: Supports a maximum height of 8 meters (optional high-level code)

A full list of Bella Bot's features

bella bot  Exceptional delivery capabilities

 Exceptional delivery capabilities

Excellent service, seamless cruising capabilities while effortlessly escorting passengers, with supporting voice control.
bella bot Industry-leading SLAM technology

Industry-leading SLAM technology

Houses both laser and visual SLAM systems for complete and competent coverage in any working scenario or environment, no matter how chaotic or hectic your hospital or cafe is!
bella bot 4-core escort & delivery function

4-core escort & delivery function

Centimetre-level real-time positioning. High-precision mapping, optimal route planning, and 0.5 second instant response for obstacle avoidance when encountering obstacles.

bella bot Eamless & stable navigation

Eamless & stable navigation

A minimum clearance level of 70cm. Houses an auto-level, independent interlinked suspension system. In other words, this Bellabot robot can go over any terrain at work, no matter how steep or high it is.
bella bot 24-hour lasting battery

24-hour lasting battery

The battery life of Bella Bot is 12-24 hours long. With a quick-release battery, it can also operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Its design reduces the usage of a central computing node, meaning it requires less computing power and therefore has more efficient battery power. This is why Bella Bot will make an impact on the restaurant industry.
bellabot Endearing & cute design

Endearing & cute design

This robot looks adorable from every angle, thanks to the delightful and creative kitten form and bionic design. This attractive food service robot will win over your patients, consumers, and guests!
bella bot Multimodal interaction

Multimodal interaction

This amazing robotic assistant utilises a variety of firsts in AI voice, light interaction, touch feedback, and intelligent expression capabilities. This creates a unique human-robot interaction experience that has not been seen before by interacting with different robots while it can calculate and make decisions in a dynamic environment.
bella bot Intelligent tray

Intelligent tray

Intelligent infrared sensing and more efficient delivery is aided by the modular quick-release design and clever tray management. This ensures food safety standards are met. 

Everything you need to know

What is Bellabot?
It is a food service delivery robot with superior human-robot interaction capabilities. It features an innovative bionic design language, cute modelling, AI voice functionality, multi-modal interaction, providing the ultimate robot food delivery experience for customers! 
Is Bellabot easy to use?
Yes! Whether you buy this food service robot outright or opt for one of our rent-to-buy alternatives, you'll get onsite installation and an extensive training session from the BotHub team. It also uses the PUDU CLOUD platform, allowing for users to access a business management platform.

How does this BellaBot robot interact with customers? 
The robot's voice interaction module can handle and adapt to a wide range of social interactions. Thanks to cutting-edge situational dialogues with excellent echo cancellation, noise reduction, and reverb cancellation technology, it's possible.
Can I put dirty dishes and wet items inside this BellaBot robot for collection?
This autonomous robot has four large trays, each with the capability of carrying 10kg worth of items. Not only is it a cute robot, but it's also a powerful smart catering robot. 
How long does the battery last?
The battery life is 12-24 hours long. With a quick-release battery, it can also operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
How big is Bellabot?
It weighs 57kgs, and its dimensions measure up to 565x537x1290mm for a nimble and agile design with a clearance ability of 70cm. Its suspension allows it to adapt to different floor conditions and driving requirements.
How does it avoid obstacles?
This incredible robot is revolutionising the way that automation and robotics interact with humans. Utilising 3D sensors, it can stop at any angle, allowing for greater agility and navigation around desks, chairs, and people. Its modular chassis gives it the ability to traverse even more difficult environments while still achieving precise accuracy in motion, demonstrating the power of 3D omnidirectional obstacle avoidance.

How does it self-navigate?
Bella bot works by analysing the environment using visual technology then maps out its path accordingly. It will angle and move away, avoiding any obstacles in its way while working together with other units via PUDU Scheduler Software. The PUDU Schedule utilises a flexible ad hoc network communication scheme, providing a cutting-edge interaction mechanism. 
How long does the free trial last?
You have seven days to try the BellaBot robot out for free! You will have unlimited access to all of our features, including onsite installation and training! Alternatively, you can organise a demonstration at our Rydalmere showroom. 
What other robotic assistants to do you have? 
We have a vast range of leading robotic solutions including: HolabotBellabotPuductor 2PudubotKettybotPudubot 2SwiftbotPUDU CC1, & More!
What happens after the free trial?
It works by analysing the environment using visual technology then maps out its path accordingly. It will avoid any obstacles in its way while working together with other units via PUDU Scheduler Software. 

Happy Clients

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