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pudubot 2 available as your go-to delivery robot at bothub products


Delivery Robot
PuduBot 2, the newly upgraded delivery robot from Pudu Robotics, inherits excellent features and functions of PuduBot. PuduBot 2 is committed to realizing intelligent deliveries in all scenarios, promoting the application of service robots and accelerating the overall robot development with higher performance, better extendability, adaptability and reliability.

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swifbot amazing industry leading delivery robot available at bothub products


Delivery Robot
Powered by industry-leading collision sensing technology and Pudu-developed advanced algorithm, SwiftBot aims at being the most intelligent and secure commercial delivery robot. SwiftBot can detect passer-by and initiatively make way for pedestrian in a timely manner. Even in a highly dynamic and complex environment, SwiftBot can conduct and complete its tasks with ease, while at the same time surprises you with its multifunctionality and high-reliability.

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ketty bot building delivery robot for all types of autonomous tasks in an office


Building Delivery Robot
Unlike any robot, you've seen before. It has high accuracy for precise positioning and optimal path planning in the busiest environments, like bustling restaurants or office spaces. Kettybot can function in cruise mode, which helps it provide drinks and snacks while broadcasting promotional messages about your services.
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pudbot available as an intelligent delivery robot


Intelligent Delivery Robot
The PuduBot is the only robot with a 41x50mm tray, allowing it to serve two tables per delivery efficiently. It also integrates cutting edge sensor technology used for self-driving cars. This allows it to easily navigate busy working environments within bustling workplaces such as hospitals or restaurants.
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bella bot, the most popular premium delivery robot we have on offer


Premium Delivery Robot
BellaBot is a revolutionary food delivery robot from PuduRobotics. With the latest technology, including 3D obstacle avoidance and voice control, BellaBot will bring your meals to you faster than ever. Spend less time cooking and more with those you love!
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holabot, large capacity trays and a water resistant inner cabin is the go-to


Delivery Robot
With Holabot, you just need to wave your hands above HolaBot & it will return safely to work! Perfect for all industries, this HolaBot has three large-capacity trays, making it easy to transport virtually anything around. It also has a water-resistant inner cabin that is detachable & easy to clean.
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flashbot building delivery robot for office


Building Delivery Robot
Turn the elevator into your delivery robotic system. Flash Bot is powered by leading-edge technology, taking intelligent robot building deliveries to the next level, bypassing hotel lobbies and delivering room service items directly inside guest rooms. It can carry anything you need for a day in the office!
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puductor II coronavirus disinfection robot

Puductor II

Disinfection Robot
The Puductor II is an autonomous disinfection robot that uses a combination of dry mist technology and UV light to sanitise rooms. It operates with an efficacy rating of 99.99 per cent in a vast range of working environments & circumstances, successfully sanitising all forms of disinfection levels across various industries. 
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pudu cc1 a verstile a tactile robot servant for a vast range of needs at bothub


Intelligent Commercial Cleaning Robot
Sweeping, Scrubbing, Vacuuming and Mopping multi- function in one. All cleaning needs can be easily met by one machine.

Large Capacity 15L clean water tank and 15L waste water tank with an exclusive workstation. Automatically fill and drain the water at the workstation No manual intervention,worry-free and labor-saving.
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bothub robot accessories needed at bothub sydney for repair

Robot Accessories

Customise your robot with a wide variety of add-ons, from spill-proof beverage holders, dish cabinets, charging docks, to robot stickers for a customised look and feel that matches your precise needs, a new look for every occasion

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Pudu Delivery Robot Quick Guide

pudubot delivery robot quick guide
pudubot 2 quick guide on it's capacity and ability to navigate
Pudubot 2
we have a wide range of products at botHUB including the famous bellabot
wide range of robotics including the famous holabot
wide range of products including the versatile kettybot
swiftbot is an amazing ai robot for all your delivery needs



Greeting & Guarding

Customer Attraction

Marker Positioning

Laser Positioning

Voice Interaction

Remove Calling

Watch Calling

Pudu Pager

Adjustable Tray

Matrix LED emoji

Intelligent Lattice Screen



Sensing Tray

Charging Pile

Fast-assemble Battery

Touch Interaction


Expression Interaction

Intelligent Waiting [1]


QR Code Scanner

Customized Voice

Dish Cover

Advertisement Screen



Laser Projection

Automatic Electric Door

Move Backward or Sideways

Special Group Recognition [2]

Key sectors & businesses we supply to:
Food Services Industry
Hotels & Motels
Schools & Educational Institutions
Government Sector
Retail / Shopping Centres
Corporate Office Environments
Medical / Health Care Sector
The Agricultural Sector
Manufacturing Industrial Robots
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