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Hotel Delivery Robot

modular adjustable compartments for large storage
1 year


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2 year


per day
* 1 year on-site warranty over lease period
* 2 year on-site warranty over lease period
* Own the robot at end of 2 year period 


* 1 year on-site warranty 
[ Additional warranties can be purchased ]
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Modular Compartment
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PABX/SMS Integration
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Elevator Traversal
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Secured Compartment

Revolutionize Building Deliveries with Flashbot

Flashbot is a self-driving robot that can make efficient and safe deliveries to rooms on multiple floors of office buildings and hotels. With sophisticated sensor capabilities, it can access any floor using the elevator. It is powered by cutting-edge AI technology, is taking digital management and building delivery services to new heights! 
  • Auto Building Delivery Service
  • Reduce Company Workload & Pressure
  • Greet & Escort Customers & Guests
  • AI-Powered & Sophisticated Sensor Technology
flashbot building delivery robot
Limited time only!

Get a free 7 - day trial!

Call Us On 1300 290 600 To Organise Your 7-Day Free Trial Now!We have a range of rent-to-buy options with discounted offers available. 
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A fast & efficient self-driving delivery robot
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Powered by 'iot' technology
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Improve workplace morale & reduce costs
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24/7 contactless office mail delivery robot for your hotel or office

An new kind of building delivery service

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A fast & efficient self-driving delivery robot
Pudu Flashbot is a building delivery robot that uses an advanced skin sensor to detect surroundings. It can move into elevators, operate turnstiles and complete multiple deliveries across floors in a timely and safe manner. Its elegant and extremely sensitive E-Skin design allows for a reliable delivery robot you can count on!
flashbot building and office delivery robot 1 week free trial available at bothub
flash bot building delivery robot pudu robots at bothub australia
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Powered by 'IOT' technology
The power behind this amazing robotic assistant is IoT technology. It will allow you to enter any operating instructions you choose. You can instruct this robot to deliver a package using the elevator. You can also notify colleagues of a delivery. 
You can even order PUDU robotics Flashbot to coordinate with 100 other autonomous robots in the building via a cloud-based network. Flash can empower your business significantly! 

Optimise your workforce

Improve workplace morale & reduce costs

Efficiency and productivity are critical in any company. There's nothing more disheartening for employees than having to perform tedious and monotonous duties that consume their time.
It is a sophisticated pudu robotics assistant that can help your staff free up their time so they can focus on more important work.

What this self-driving, intelligent delivery service robot can do for your business

  • A reduced workload & the need for repetitive tasks.
  • Boost employee satisfaction by allowing them to concentrate on more critical work.
  • Its error-free process will result in fewer consumer complaints.
  • Your staff will feel valued & empowered after freeing them from mundane tasks.

Easily customised to improve your operations

Monitor Flashbot's work rate in real-time
You'll be able to utilise an easy-to-use PUDU Cloud platform when you use this robot. This software will track everything from corporate data collection to how Flash & other robotic assistants are performing and quality delivery assurance. This will guarantee that your hotel or office building is digitised in a way that will have a significant positive impact on your business.

Contactless delivery services

24/7 contactless office mail delivery robot for your hotel or office
Contactless delivery is becoming increasingly important for most organisations in the post-COVID-19 era. It's an excellent autonomous robot that can efficiently deliver contactless services to hotel guests and office building coworkers. Whether it's bringing a food delivery to your desk, collecting office documents, or returning a colleague's phone after they left it behind, you can trust Flashbot!

Used over 60 countries!

Flashbot has been used by a wide range of organisations, from various sectors, in over 55 countries. Join countless others who are adopting this amazing self-driving delivery robot for buildings.
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Customer reviews

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I have just finished my 7-day trial period with Flashbot. Everything has been perfect so far. I would recommend this to any company out there looking for an easy to use self-driving delivery robot capable of taking the elevator and passing through turnstiles without stuffing up. It has played a major part in the day to day operations of our office building.
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Bank Manager

Organise Your 7-Day Free Trial!

No Obligation 7-Day Free Trial
  • No obligation to commit, free trial on your premises.
  • Full access to Flashbot's features.
  • A refundable 10% deposit will be requested.
  • Alternatively, you may book a demonstration at our Rydalmere showroom.

Purchasing Options

Once you have selected your desired plan above, contact us to commence the process. In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us for any clarifications. 
intelligent delivery service flashbot available for free trial at bothub
Outright Purchase
for outright purchase
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10% Off
Delivery, onsite installation & training: $550 inc GST per unit.
Full technical support over the warranty period (2 years warranty)
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pudu robotics flashbot at bothub australia free trial available
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For rent to buy
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10% refundable deposit at the commencement of the contract
Delivery, onsite installation & training is free!
70% of rental rebate at buy-out
Full technical support over the warranty period (2 years warranty) & rental period.
Weekly automatic payments
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flashbot ai powered delivery robot available for free trial at bothub


Machine dimention
Robot weight
Max30kg, 15kg/layer
Compartment space
2-4 compartments(Adjustable)
Charging time
Battery life
Charging mode
Cruise speed

How Flashbot works

We've outlined the basic process so you can see how this leading delivery assistant works. The operation and function is entirely reliant on how you customise it to operate within your office building, hotel, or hospital.
Whether you’re instructing it as an office mail delivery robot or a food and beverage collection robot. However, on a day to day basis, Flash will function as follows
7 day free trial
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Setting up your instruction!
- The employee makes an order.
- A call is made to Flash bot to return to staff a member autonomously.
- It returns, and staff places items (i.e. documents, food, beverages) inside the robot. 
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Flash Bot does its thing!
- The employee makes an order.
- A call is made to Flash Bot to return to staff a member autonomously.
- It returns, and staff places items (i.e. documents, food, beverages) inside the compartments. 
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Customer/employee receives their important items!
- The employee makes an order.
- A call is made to Flash Bot to return to staff a member autonomously.
- It returns, and staff places items (i.e. documents, food, beverages) inside the robotic assistant. 

A full list of Flashbot's features!

A comprehensive self-driving delivery robot for buildings
flash bot building delivery robot pudu robots at bothub australia free trial available

Ultra-sensitive E-skin design

The E-Skin design allows it to sensitively scan & navigate areas, allowing for smooth elevator travel with other passengers.
flashbot office delivery robot available at bothub australia in sydney

Auto charging capabilities

It can now be charged automatically! When the battery is running low, it will automatically begin to charge by proceeding to its charging bay to guarantee 24/7 operations!
flashbot ai powered delivery robot available for free trial at bothub

Iot technology, auto elevator capabilities & multi-robot communication

It can operate with up to 100 other robots in the building through a cloud-based network connection, allowing operating instructions to be shared between it between robotic assistants. The IoT capability allows Flash to automatically operate turnstiles, access control systems, and transport packages by autonomously accessing elevators.
3d slam technology and autonomous

Laser positioning & navigation capabilities

It adopts Laser SLAM which supports unlimited heights and does not require location code stickers. It supports multiple starting points and is simple to deploy.
dynamic navigation capabilities through slam

Adjustable compartment

Operates with a multi-functional compartment, maximising space utilisation and accomplishing many tasks with a single tap on your phone!
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UV sterile compartment

The UV germicidal lamp inside its compartment has a high level of sterilisation. It boasts a 99.9% efficiency rate, ensuring COVID-safe protections are in place.
3d obstacle avoidance technology

3D obstacle avoidance

3 RGBD cameras enable the robot to perceive obstacles as low as 3 cm and suspended objects standing at a height of 70 cm from the floor, making it ideal for dynamic settings with many obstacles and people.
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Seamless 70cm clearance

It can navigate and make its way through 99.99% of building structures with a minimum clearance of 70 cm.

Everything you need to know

What is Flashbot?
It is a self-driving delivery robot for buildings. It can take the elevator to provide safe and reliable room delivery. It is powered by sophisticated and AI-powered technology. Its taking intelligent building delivery to new heights, enabling digital management and services of hotels and office buildings.
Is it easy to use?
Yes, it is! It was designed with a smooth user experience in mind. From intelligent AI Voice interactions to a dependable alert system to the PUDU Cloud platform that gives a macro look at the entire operations process of this AI-powered robot. It's simple to use and totally at your service!
Can it take the elevator without supervision?
Yes! This is Flash's speciality! Utilising IoT technology and 89 exclusive patented technologies, it can sensitively navigate its surroundings without bumping into colleagues, patrons, guests and obstacles.
How can it take elevators and pass through turnstiles without error?
3RGBD cameras provide stellar 3D obstacle avoidance and laser SLAM technology. This innovative navigation software allows this robot to identify precisely what an elevator or turnstile is.
How does this robot interact with customers? 
It's AI-powered voice announcements, notification alerts, and path planning software ensures a unique, unforgettable, and excellent customer experience from private and contactless deliveries to the ability to provide check-in assistance.
What can I put inside the robot? 
Place any item from filthy dishes, food and beverages, delivery items, working papers, office mail, or your coworker's abandoned computer inside the compartment. From office to hotel amenities, it's ideal for multi-storey corporate buildings, hotels, hospitals, and more!
How long does the battery last?
The battery life is ten hours. It has an integrated auto-recharging mechanism, allowing it to return to its charging station once a low battery is detected, ensuring 24/7 operations!
How big is Flashbot?
It weighs 50kg, with dimensions of 539x515x1050mm. It can carry a payload of up to 15kg in each compartment and a maximum weight of 30kg.
 Is it hard to install this robot?
No! The BotHub staff is qualified and highly experienced in deploying these cutting-edge robots for our valued clients.
How does it self-navigate?
It works by analysing the environment using visual technology then maps out its path accordingly. It will avoid any obstacles in its way while working together with other units via PUDU Scheduler Software. 
How long does the free trial last?
You have seven days to try this amazing building delivery robot out for free! You will have unlimited access to all of our features, including onsite installation and training! Alternatively, you can organise a free demonstration at our Rydalmere showroom. This is also free with no obligations attached! 
What happens after the free trial?
There are various plans to choose from, including rent-to-buy options and the option to buy it outright with discounts and rental rebates. For a complete list of prices, see above.
What other PUDU robots to do you have?
We have a vast range of leading robotic solutions including: HolabotBellabotPuductor 2PudubotKettybotPudubot 2SwiftbotPUDU CC1, & More!

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