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Ketty Bot - Marketing & Delivery Robot

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* 1 year on-site warranty over lease period
* 2 year on-site warranty over lease period
* Own the robot at end of 2 year period 


* 1 year on-site warranty 
[ Additional warranties can be purchased ]
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Get Things Moving with Ketty Bot - The Delivery and Receptionist Robot that Goes Where You Need It

Kettybot is perfect for businesses that want to advertise without having to worry about staffing hours or managing any marketing budget - it does it all for you! Its agile & nimble design allows it to enter spaces as narrow as 55cm wide using several delivery methods. Use its brilliant colour display to serve your customers with encouraging, eye-catching promotional material.
  • Autonomous Navigation
  • Artificially Intelligent Voice Interaction
  • Multiple Delivery & Collection Modes
  • Greeting & Escorting Robot
  • Sleek Design For Improved Agility
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A delivery & receptionist robot that will deliver your meals & take care of your guests
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Multiple delivery modes & multi-robot cooperation
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AI voice interaction & intelligent colour display
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Automatic Recharge & A Versatile Delivery Trays
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An extra set of hands!

The cute and smart Kettybot will deliver your meals & take care of your guests
This versatile robot can serve multiple tables at once, with highly accurate positioning and optimal path planning. This sophisticated, autonomous delivery & receptionist robot can assist your waiters or customer service professionals by relieving them of the duty of collecting dishes and waiting at several tables.
Allow your staff to provide better customer service while this agile robotic assistant takes care of meal collection and delivery!

A marketing robot receptionist that works for you!

AI voice interaction & intelligent colour display
As a restaurant or retail store owner, you understand how difficult it is to attract consumers. This robotic assistant is a unique customer attraction robot for customers passing by your store. 
With AI Voice capabilities and a bright colour display, it can adapt to a customer's angled point of view, using custom ads that are all about making unforgettable first impressions at your reception desk!
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A wide range of functions for your business

Multiple delivery modes & multi-robot cooperation
Are you understaffed at your restaurant this weekend? Use multi-table delivery mode or dish-return mode. Has your company been hired for a significant birthday party? In a chaotic environment with 100's of customers & patrons, use birthday mode or cruising mode to guarantee smooth delivery and autonomous collection navigation.

Perfect for highly crowded environments!

Automatic recharge & a versatile delivery trays
Ketty isn't limited to large-scale catering operations or restaurants. Assume you're an event's coordinator who has been assigned to a organise major seminar. 
With its nimble design, this amazing robot will effectively fulfil your customers, clients, and coworkers' needs thanks to a compact internal structure that includes two trays and a collection box that can meet all of your needs in one go!

Used over 60 countries!

This amazing delivery & receptionist robot has been used by a wide range of organisations, from various sectors, in over 60 countries. Ignore gimmicky humanoid robots and embrace cutting-edge robotics with a real, applied use for your company.
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Customer reviews

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Kettybot arrived right on time, and I was stunned at how agile it is. It has a large colour display that allows me to advertise my promotional material without any hassles. We used it for a huge function with almost 100 people, and it helped with dish collection & delivery so well. It’s an amazing robot receptionist! Thanks, Kettybot!
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Events & Function Coordinator

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Full technical support over the warranty period (2 years warranty)
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 $30 Per Day / $26 Per Day
1 Year Plan / 2 Year Plan
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10% refundable deposit at the commencement of the contract
Delivery, onsite installation & training is free!
70% of rental rebate at buy-out
Full technical support over the warranty period (2 years warranty) & rental period.
Weekly automatic payments
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Machine dimention
Robot weight
Carrying capacity
Battery life
Charging time
Cruise speed
Max 1.2m/s
Ad display dimension

A full list of Kettybot's features

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Multiple delivery modes & multiple robot cooperation

This mobile robot has a variety of delivery methods suited to a wide range of situations in crowded and packed areas. Including multi-table delivery mode, dish-return mode, cruise mode, and birthday mode. It is also controlled by the sophisticated PUDU Scheduler system, which allows it to communicate with other delivery robots on the network immediately.
speech and voice recognition capabilities

Artificial intelligence-voice interaction

Its new voice interaction module can handle and adapt to a wide range of social interactions. It's possible thanks to cutting-edge situational dialogues with excellent echo cancellation, noise reduction, and reverb cancellation technology.
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Sophisticated colour display

Utilising an enormous HD 18.5-inch advertisement screen, Ketty can display your chosen promotional video, photos, and advertising, making it an agile marketing expert on wheels. Its brilliant colour display can be a superb way to get the attention of your target audience! 
narrow and dynamic environment navigation

Versatile collection & delivery structure

It has a detachable rear cover that is small in form and easy to transport for your workers. It also contains two trays and a collecting box at the bottom designed for seamless collection and delivery for meals, coffee cups, dirty plates & more!
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Customised greeting, escorting & advertising capabilities

Its centred ad display perfectly adapts to the customer's angle of view. To accommodate cramped and narrow table areas, you may use Ketty to deliver, escort, and welcome customers and visitors, giving you an entirely new approach for marketing campaigns. 
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Nimble, agile & autonomous navigation

This robot provides self-driving capabilities through visual and laser dual navigation technology, & autonomous path planning with a cruise speed of 1.2m/s. It's leaning c shaped body enables safer, more seamless movement by utilising optical and laser dual navigation systems to detect obstacles with incredible accuracy.

Everything you need to know

What is Kettybot?
It is a delivery & receptionist robot designed to greet and serve your customers. The robot's design is unique because of its size and forward leaning C-shaped body that allows it to go through a clearance of only 55cm. This makes it an ideal robot when there are tight spaces or compact working environments.
Is it easy to use?
Yes! Whether you buy Ketty outright or opt for one of our rent-to-buy alternatives, you'll get onsite installation and an extensive training session to learn everything on how to utilise this fantastic delivery & receptionist robot from the BotHub team.
How does this robot interact with customers? 
The robot's voice interaction module can handle and adapt to a wide range of social interactions. It's possible thanks to cutting-edge situational dialogues with excellent echo cancellation, noise reduction, and reverb cancellation technology.
What colour is Ketty bot?
It is available in two colours: Salt white or beige yellow.
Can I put dirty dishes and wet items inside Ketty bot for collection?
Certainly! It has two enormous collection trays, a collection box at the bottom, and a rear cover designed for fast and straightforward distribution & collection.
How long does the battery last?
It has an ultra-long battery life, with a single full charge that allows this robotic assistant to run from 10-24 hours.
How big is this robot?
Ketty bot continues the minimalist design concept of Pudu Technology from previous machines. This robot receptionist weighs 35kgs, and its dimensions measure up to 450x440x1120mm for a nimble and agile design with a clearance ability of 55cm.
Is it hard to install this robot?
No! The BotHub staff is qualified and highly experienced in deploying these cutting-edge robots for our valued clients.
How does it self-navigate?
It works by analysing the environment using visual technology and then maps out its path accordingly, complimenting its compact design for improved navigation. It will avoid any obstacles in its way while working together with other units via PUDU Scheduler Software, making it the ideal choice in complex environments.
How long does the free trial last?
You have seven days to try this amazing robot out for free! You will have unlimited access to all of our features, including onsite installation and training! Alternatively, you can organise a demonstration at our Rydalmere showroom. 
What other robotic assistants to do you have?
We have a vast range of leading robotic solutions including: HolabotBellabotPuductor 2PudubotPudubot 2SwiftbotPUDU CC1, & More!
What happens after the free trial?
Suppose you like this robot for business or organisation. In that case, there are various plans to choose from, including rent-to-buy options and the option to buy it outright with discounts and rental rebates. For a complete list of prices

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Kettybot is the latest cutting edge social robot. Don't hesitate to entice customers, elevate your reception area, provide a more exciting check-in experience for your hotels, and free your employees from the stresses of mundane & repetitive tasks with this state of the art receptionist robot. 
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