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 Leading delivery robot for your business

With its advanced algorithm and sophisticated camera technology, the Pudubot is able to efficiently complete tasks in a variety of work settings
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* 1 year on-site warranty over lease period
* 2 year on-site warranty over lease period
* Own the robot at end of 2 year period 


* 1 year on-site warranty 
[ Additional warranties can be purchased ]
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Game-changing autonomous delivery robot

Pudubot is a game-changing autonomous delivery robot for businesses Australia-Wide. This robot was created in 2015 and uses a cutting-edge algorithm that combines sensors and sophisticated camera technology. 
It can efficiently complete challenging activities in various work settings such as offices, restaurants, and hospitals.
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  • Automated Self-Driving Delivery Function
  • Steady & Quiet Navigation From A to B
  • Video & Audio Display
  • Cutting-Edge Smart Robotics
  • PUDU Scheduler: Decentralised Network Communication
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Effective disinfection & sterilisation solutions have never been more important
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A highly collaborative assistant
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A range of uses

How Pudubot can revolutionise your business operations

A changing workplace landscape
COVID-19 is causing businesses to adapt. Rising labour costs, contactless delivery & restrictive workplace rules are forcing companies across the world to change. You may compensate for capacity limitations by adopting cutting-edge and cost-effective robotics like Pudu bot to serve your clients in an exciting new way!
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pudubot accessories available
Pudubot has many autonomous robot solutions which can help save your company time & money
Pudu bot is a popular choice among restaurant owners, office managers, and hotel chains in Australia due to its wide range of applications. Its ability to serve large-scale dining areas within restaurants, as well as its huge carrying capacity, are just a few of the reasons why it's so appealing.

It's not a gimmick, Pudubot is an effective delivery robot assistant

Efficient delivery robot

It can transport 400 items each day, freeing your delivery workers from time-consuming duties such as mail deliveries and delivering food. It has a large tray (41x50mm) that can carry twice as much as what your employees may typically take, servicing two tables per delivery.

A highly collaborative assistant

It can also work with 100 other mobile Pudu Bots in a 10000m2 dining area thanks to a collaborative delivery mode process. It also employs cutting-edge 3D Obstacle Avoidance technology that allows it to navigate your busy restaurant or office safely with minimal noise. 

So, exactly what can the Pudubot do for you?

  • Anything May Be Moved From A To B Without Interruption Through Its Self Driving Capabilities.
  • Food delivery in very busy restaurant environments.
  • In office environments, documents can be transported from department to department.
  • Non-contact delivery & transportation of medicine & meals in hospitals for social distancing purposes. 
  • Customise pudu bot as a witty front desk greeter at your restaurant or karaoke bar.
  • Hotel room service duties.
  • Customisable & interactive communication with diners, colleagues, patrons and customers. 
  • Stocktake duties for grocery stores

Used over 60 countries!

Pudubot has been utilised by a wide range of organisations, from various sectors, in over 55 countries.
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Customer reviews

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I love Pudubot! I got this robot to assist me in my restaurant. It does a lot of work for me, I can put it to any wait task, and it will complete it without question. It has a long battery life, so I can always rely on it if I don't have time to recharge it. The customer service is second-to-none! My customers feel like they're dining with a sentient robot!
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Restaurant Owner

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Purchasing Options

Once you have selected your desired plan above, contact us to commence the process. In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us for any clarifications. 
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Outright Purchase
 (10% Off RRP: $23,000)
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10% Off
Delivery, onsite installation & training: $550 inc GST per unit.
Full technical support over the warranty period (2 years warranty)
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pudubot robot 3d environment detection and visual sensors available
 $38 Per Day / $32 Per Day
1 Year Plan / 2 Year Plan
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10% refundable deposit at the commencement of the contract
Delivery, onsite installation & training is free!
70% of rental rebate at buy-out
Full technical support over the warranty period (2 years warranty) & rental period.
Weekly automatic payments
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pudubot universal delivery robots battery power capacity


Load capacity
13kg/tray,Max 30kg
Cruise speed
Cruise speed0.5-1.2m/s (Adjustable)
Charging time
Machine material
ABS/Aviation-grade aluminum alloy
Robot weight
Machine size/dimention
516 x 500*1288mm

Dish Cover Specifications

Cover material
Plexiglass/ Magnesium Aluminum Alloy
Cover weight
Cover dimensions
Door-opening control
Magnetic switch

A full list of Pudubot's features

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Industry-leading slam technology

The cutting-edge developed PUDU Slam System is linked with various sensors (similar to other autonomous delivery vehicles), allowing this delivery robot to maneuver chaotic and complicated indoor working environments.
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3D obstacle avoidance

This robot features a spectacular set of two RGBD Depth Cameras that enable it to navigate through the most active working environments effortlessly.
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Four core functions

Centimeter-level real-time positioning, high-precision mapping, optimal route planning, and 0.5 second instant response for obstacle avoidance.
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Modular design & good scalability

Capacity for an increasing number of adjustable trays, adjustable height, and switchable dish covers.
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Extremely long battery life

This amazing robot assistant can run with Intelligent Cloud Scenarios and a Robot Service Cloud, which allows scenario-based operations to get data suppo
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Customisable video & audio display

It can converse with consumers, customers, diners, and coworkers in a two-way exchange due to its outstanding audio communicative capabilities and a small HD display.

Everything you need to know

 How does Pudu bot work?
This delivery robot is first deployed to scan the designated area on a virtual map. It then constructs a 3D map of the environment, knowing where it is, where obstacles are, and how to move around.
What are its capabilities?
The robot can run for 24 hours straight on battery power with no need for recharging.
Is there any training needed to use this robot?
Pudu is very easy to use! Our training manuals and education video content will help you get Pudu bot up and running in no time!
Who designs the robot?
PuduRobot Australia
How long does the battery last?
It boasts impressive battery life, lasting for a full 24 hours on just a 4 hour charge. Stay connected and productive all day long with Pudu bot by your side.
What industry is this robot made for?
This robot can be deployed in a range of different environments including, restaurants, shopping malls, karaoke bars, internet cafés, hotels, offices and hospitals.
What other robotic assistants to do you have?
We have a vast range of leading robotic solutions including: HolabotBella BotPuductor 2KettybotPudubot 2SwiftbotPUDU CC1, & More!

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