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Heavy Duty Dirty Plate / Delivery Robot

holabot a collection robot for all building whether office or industrial
1 year


per day
2 year


per day
* 1 year on-site warranty over lease period
* 2 year on-site warranty over lease period
* Own the robot at end of 2 year period 


* 1 year on-site warranty 
[ Additional warranties can be purchased ]
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Elevate your business with this innovative office mail delivery robot

Holabot is an autonomous collection robot that can be used in any industry - from hospitals to warehouses. It has three large-capacity trays, which allow for easy transportation of virtually anything around. It also includes a water-resistant inner cabin with detachable & easy to clean features. You can wave your hand above Hola', and it will autonomously return to your washroom! 
  • Large Carrying Capacity
  • Very Vast Transportation
  • Contactless Collection
  • Soundtracking Technology
holabot 6-array omnidirectional microphone free trial available at bothub
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Increase efficiency by allowing Hola bot to handle mundane tasks
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Large carrying capacity
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Contactless air motion technology
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Hands-free collection

Forget about mundane tasks

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Increase efficiency by allowing Holabot to handle mundane tasks
Hola bot is an autonomous robot for all industries. It is autonomous and can be used in any industry, including hospitals, manufacturing plants, warehouses and more!
You can utilise Hola' to move almost anything around, allowing your employees to focus on the day's more important tasks and concerns! From dirty dishes, working documents, work tools, you name it!
holabot price 7 day free trial at bothub perfect to boost turnaround efficiency

Hands-free collection

  • Ultra Large capacity
Hola bot is a fantastic invention that can help with tasks that humans find mundane. It has a 60kg carrying capacity, equating to a volume of 12 dishes – the same amount of dishes two or three humans would be able to carry, giving the restaurant a much better turnover rate and better customer service. Transfer items to the designated storage space with ease!
  • ''Hola Hola!''
Get used to your workers saying 'Hola Hola'! It also utilises amazing front-end noise reduction tech & full-range sound source positioning. What does this mean? Well, during the chaos, your employees can call on Holabot by saying 'Hola Hola!' to the robot to locate it. Holabot will turn around, local the sound source in real time, identify & return to your worker's location to help with meal collection or dining table cleaning tasks. You can thank it's 6-array omnidirectional microphone!
  • Contactless air motion technology
This robotic assistant is equipped with a unique paging function that allows staff to call and assign tasks to the robot for the washroom or kitchen by waving over a sensing region on top of the robot. This is ideal for businesses and organisations in today's world that want to implement COVID-Safe measures, allowing for hand-free collection when cleaning or transporting objects.

Ideal for all industries

A robot that can help you transport almost anything!
Holabot is a unique multi-scenario collecting robot that uses autonomous robotic technologies to engage in repetitive transportation tasks that you and your workers don't want to do. Allow your nurses to concentrate on patient care, free your waiters from tirelessly cleaning tables which can boost turnaround efficiency, or allow your store people to focus on the warehouse's more essential activities.

Used over 60 countries!

Holabot has been used by a wide range of organisations, from various sectors, in over 55 countries.
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Customer reviews

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I've been using Holabot for a few months now, and it has been a great product to use! I mostly use it to clean my office at the end of the day and send small files to the copy room. It is straightforward to control because all you have to do is swipe your hand above it and send it where you want it to go. Such a helpful robot!
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Corporate Manager

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hola bot resistant to liquid splashes and provides a perfect machine body clean
Outright Purchase
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Delivery, onsite installation & training: $550 inc GST per unit.
Full technical support over the warranty period (2 years warranty)
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holabot has 60kg storage space with contactless delivery in your office or restaurant at bothub
 $55 Per Day / $50 Per Day
1 Year Plan / 2 Year Plan
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10% refundable deposit at the commencement of the contract
Delivery, onsite installation & training is free!
70% of rental rebate at buy-out
Full technical support over the warranty period (2 years warranty) & rental period.
Weekly automatic payments
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holabot has an ultra large capacity and a voice control module ideal for restaurants


Machine dimention
Robot weight
Machine material
ABS/aviation-grade aluminum alloy
Charging time
Battery lifetime
10-24H (power exchangeable)
Cruise speed
0.5~1.2m/s adjustable
Capacity of single shelf
Shelf dimension
Standard shelf height
Waterproof rating
Communication scheme
LoRa Ad Hoc Network Communication Scheme
Suitable for space
LCD Screen Size
1.3 inch TFT LCD screen

A full list of Holabot's features

holabot can be used to call and assign tasks for your complex working environment

Large scale capacity

It contains a 120L cabin, which includes three big-capacity trays with a capacity to handle 120kg, which has been proven in rigorous scenario tests. According to the data from these testing scenarios, it can collect six times the amount of a typical waiter's manual delivery rate, boosting turnaround efficiency in restaurants.
wifi compatibility

Contactless air motion technology

This amazing collection robot uses cutting-edge air motion control robotics that enables your staff to send it back to the washroom, storeroom, or kitchen just by waving above it, providing innovative contactless deliveries & solutions.
slam traceable autonomous navigation technology

An adaptive inner cabin

sound and voice recognition capabilities

Sound tracking technology

Noise reduction technology, allowing for full range sound source positioning. Hola bot can return to where work needs to be done by simply saying 'Hola Hola!' whereby it can locate the sound source and immediately move towards whoever is calling for it in real time and turn flawlessly. Intelligent delivery has never been so easy!

Everything you need to know

How big is the collection robot?
Its machine weight rounds up to 50kg and has a machine size of 534 x 542 x 1213 mm.
How fast can it transport items?
It can transport items very vast! According to the many businesses that have used this robotic assistant and our testing scenarios, Holabot can transport items six times faster than a typical waiter can serve meals, with effective storage space with contactless delivery that boosts productivity and operations.
Is Holabot waterproof?
Yes! Its inner cabin is certified to IPX5, the highest level of particle protection for electrical equipment. Waterproof utilities are rated from IPX0 to IPX5, so rest assured, no electrical damage will occur when using this unique robot!
Can I use this with both wet and dry goods, e.g., food items, paper products?
Its inner cabin is certified to IPX5, the highest particle protection level for electrical equipment, whilst being highly resistant to liquid splashes in hospitality environments, allowing for a perfect machine body clean.
How long does the free trial last?
You have 7 days to try it out for free! You will have unlimited access to all of our features, including onsite installation and training! Alternatively, you can organise a demonstration at our Rydalmere showroom.
What other robotic assistants to do you have?
We have a vast range of leading robotic solutions including: BellabotPuductor 2PudubotKettybotPudubot 2SwiftbotPUDU CC1, & More!
How Does It Move Around? 
It effortlessly moves items quickly and efficiently from their place of origin to the designated space. This technology utilises voice recognition and contactless air motion systems, making it easier to securely move medical, hospitality, or office items with confidence.

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