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Puductor 2

Leading-edge disinfection robot

Puductor II

A robotic assistant for the post-covid-19 pandemic world

'The Puductor 2' is a sophisticated & autonomous UV Light disinfection robot. Contactless operations are becoming increasingly popular in many industries, including the healthcare sector. 
This robotic assistant has contactless cleaning and exceptional disinfection capabilities, reducing the danger of cross-infection considerably. 
  • Reduces The Risk Of Cross-Infection
  • Long-Lasting Battery
  • Accelerated Dry Mist Technology
  • Autonomous UVC Disinfection Robot
  • Full Contact With Microorganisms For A Thorough Clean
  • 99.99% Disinfection Rate
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Effective disinfection & sterilisation solutions have never been more important
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Protecting patients from healthcare associated infections
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Autonomous UV light to disinfect 
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 Long-lasting UVC disinfection

Puductor 2: The Future of Disinfection and Sterilisation in the Workplace

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Revolutionary disinfection technology

The Puductor II cleans workplaces thoroughly to provide a consistently clean environment. It can enable your workers to focus on more essential concerns of the day. Your employees can be free from potentially hazardous manual cleaning activities and processes that endanger clients and patients.
  • Accelerated Ultra-Sonic Dry Mist Disinfection Solution
  • Can Disinfect Environments For 6 Hours
  • UVC Light Lamp Technology
  • Liquid Level Protection
  • 360° Sanitisation & Sterilisation
  • 15L Capacity
  • Atomisation Technology Utilising Dry Disinfectant Particles
  • Improves Sanitary Conditions

Purpose-built for a wide range of industries

Healthcare Sector (Hospitals)
Education Sector (University Campuses)
Public Sector (Government Buildings)
Hotel Sector (5-Star Hotels)
Corporate Sector (Banks)
Transport Sector (Trains)
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A disinfection robot for today's world

Effective disinfection & sterilisation solutions have never been more important

With the rise of the SARS Cov-2, employers, staff, and clients are increasingly concerned about unclean working conditions. The use of contactless operations and sophisticated disinfection technologies has never been more critical than it is today. Puductor II provides a large selection of methods to liberate your employees from high-risk, time-consuming manual cleaning.

Protecting patients from healthcare associated infections

Hospitals are constantly battling with the problem of patient cross-infection. Puductor II employs cutting-edge UV-Light technology to provide health care professionals with an essential tool for identifying viral and bacterial infections. It allows healthcare workers to combat hospital acquired infections with advanced infection control tools that seamlessly disinfects surfaces & patient rooms.

Puductor 2: Ensure a clean workplace environment

Autonomous UV light to disinfect 

The Puductor II, like other BotHub robots, makes use of autonomous navigation technology known as SLAM. It can navigate complex and bustling settings with ease because of this cutting-edge software. This clever machine also includes an integrated UV-C lamp (Ozone-free UV Lamp). It's an industry-leading technology known for detecting all forms of viruses and germs by using ultraviolet light illumination. 

Long-lasting UVC disinfection

The Puductor II uses atom technology that speeds up the dispensing process to produce tiny particles (10um). It can sterilise hard-to-reach regions faster while preventing any residue from forming & is effective against most types of bacteria.. It also boasts a 6-hour long battery life, as well as the ability to disinfect up to 15 rooms in one session. This is why hospitals, colleges, and other institutions are turning to the Puductor II.

Used over 60 countries!

Puductor II has been used by a wide range of organisations, from various sectors, in over 55 countries.
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Customer reviews

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I have been renting this disinfection robot for almost a year now, and I couldn't be happier with the service. The disinfection robot has made disinfecting my new offices so much easier. Now that I have seen how well it works, I plan on purchasing it outright in the near future. It works on its own, so effectively and seamlessly we were quite surprised at how great it was at navigating our office.
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Puductor 2

Load capacity
Machine Weight
Battery Capacity
Reservoir Capacity
Irradiation Intensity at one meter distance
188 μW/cm² , UV-C(254nm)
Effective Disinfection distance
3 meters
Disinfection Time
Max 6H (Automatic Recharging)
Cruise Speed
0.1-1.2m/s Adjustable)
Disinfectant Solution
Hydrogen Peroxide( H2O2),Hypochlorous Acid( HClO),Chlorine Dioxide(ClO₂), etc.
Working Voltage
Motion Sensor
UV-C Lamp Protector
Solution Inlet& Outlet
Max Climbing Angle

What a day with Puductor 2 looks like


  • Firstly, check how much surface disinfectant solution is needed before starting.
  • The next step is to choose its task. You may alter cruise mode to suit your needs. It is essentially an autopilot setting that lets you pick the disinfection duration, where it must go, and the cleaning and disinfecting method.
  • There are three disinfection methods to choose from: single-point, multi-point, or a general disinfection procedure.
  • When everything is set up, the Puductor will arrive at its starting place and begin to count down while notifying surrounding employees to keep away from the disinfection areas.
  • Puductor II works its magic! Once completed, you can close the task remotely.
  • The Puductor II doesn't need to be moved at all! It'll automatically progress towards its charging dock once it's done with its task, fully charged and ready to take on the next day!


  • Slightly different from Auto-Mode here. With Quick-Mode, you have to physically push Puductor II to where you want it to begin disinfection.
  • Check the solution levels.
  • Set your tasks similar to the process outlined in Auto-Mode.
  • It'll countdown and notify friendly travellers nearby about areas to avoid that will be disinfected.
  • It completes the task, and you close the job remotely.
  • You thank Puductor II for its work and move it manually back to the charging block.

A full list of Puductor 2's features

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Large scale capacity

The robot comes with a large 15L reservoir. Users don't have to worry about refilling this device frequently. However, you won't have to check it frequently when the time comes to refill because of a built-in low-level warning liquid protector that warns users when the solution level in the tank is approaching depletion.
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3D obstacle avoidance

The Puductor II includes a state of the art RGBD Depth Camera that enables it to effortlessly navigate through the most active working environments.
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Industry-leading SLAM technology

The PUDU Slam System is linked with various sensors (similar to other autonomous delivery vehicles). It allows this UV light disinfection robot to maneuver chaotic and complicated indoor working environments.
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Motion sensor technology

UV & Spraying Technology stops automatically when motion detection is triggered. The millimetre-wave motion sensor alerts the robot to any obstructions or individuals within 3 meters. When the detection is triggered, the UV & spraying technology instantly comes to a halt.
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Long-lasting battery capacity

UV & Spraying Technology stops automatically when motion detection is triggered. The millimetre-wave motion sensor alerts the robot to any obstructions or individuals within 3 meters. When the detection is triggered, the UV & spraying technology instantly comes to a halt.
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Intelligent UV-C lamp & protector for room disinfection

The UV lamp included with this chamber is a 4 x 36w UV light, which has a sophisticated and advanced level of ultraviolet detection capabilities of up to 188uW/cm2 at 1 meter. In other words, it is very successful at attacking, eliminating, and identifying all viral and bacterial strains with a 99.99% efficacy. It also has a clever autonomous interlocking mechanism that protects the lamp & has double disinfection modules.

Everything you need to know

What is a Puductor 2?
The Puductor is an autonomous & sophisticated UV light disinfection robot. This UV C advanced cleaning robot makes use of atomised technology, allowing it to cleanse and sterilise germs and viruses with a 99% efficacy rate in hard-to-reach places.
How long does disinfection take?
Comprehensive disinfection of up to 15 rooms can be completed in 6 hours.
Does this disinfection robot have a docking station or charging station?
Yes, it is! It has a built-in low liquid protect feature that warns you when the disinfection solution needs to be replenished, or the battery needs to be charged.
How good is it at disinfecting rooms?
employs UV-C light and a huge 15L reservoir to provide a long-lasting, efficient sanitisation service. Because the particles sprayed are so tiny and detection of the most minute forms of bacteria is possible, Pudurobot can achieve a 99% efficacy rate with most environments.
Is there a free trial?
Yes, there is! The free trial lasts for 7-days! 
Can I rent This Robot?
Yes, you may rent for a year and then purchase it immediately after the term ends. Alternatively, you may rent to own for a minimum of one or two years. There are several discount rates available with each rent-to-own plan; please see the pricing mentioned above. 
Can I buy this robot outright? Do I get a discount?
Yes, you can! If you pay for the robot in full, you will receive a 10% discount.
What happens if I don't want to continue renting after the trial period?
There's absolutely no worry there. Our staff will be at your premises at the earliest convenience to acquire the robot if you wish to discontinue usage of the Puductor II after the trial period ends.
What makes the Puductor 2 the ultimate air disinfection machine?
It gets rid of harmful microorganisms and ensures a safe and healthy environment with cutting-edge air disinfection technology. The ultimate air disinfection machine, equipped with advanced dry mist disinfection modes that can sterilise even the most difficult-to-reach places. Its real-time liquid level protector reminds users when to refill, ensuring a seamless experience.

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