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Intelligent Commercial Cleaning Robot



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Four Cleaning mode
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Auto water addition & drainage
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Elevator Traversal
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Auto Recharging

Four-in-1 Versatile Cleaning

Sweeping, Scrubbing, Vacuuming and Mopping multi- function in one. All cleaning needs can be easily met by one machine.

pudu cc1 are great for scrubbing tasks for cleaning
pudu cc1 has amazing Mopping multi-function in one
pudu cc1 is wonderful for sweeping tasks
pudu cc1 is great for vaccuming

Super Suction Power

17000 PA

No stain left behind

Pudu CC1, the perfect solution for cleaning in complex scenarios with its real-time notifications and navigation solutions

Extendable Steering Handle 
for Ease of Operation

Extension handle makes it convenient to build cleaning maps and handle unexpected cleaning emergencies
Puducc 1, the efficient and effective cleaning robot

Intelligent Lift Control & Breakpoing Resuming

When the power is low and the cleaning task is not completed, CC1 can remember the cleaning progress 
and resume the previous unfinished task after fully charged.

puducc 1 ability to detect and clean at the edges.


Navigation Solution

Based on PUDU SLAM positioning system CC1 supports both Visual SLAM and laser SLAM positioning and navigation solutions to perform tasks more efficiently in complex scenarios.

Pudu CC1, large waste water tanks capacity, with real-time notifications, navigation solutions, and unfinished task detection.

Automatic Water Addition & Drainage

Large Capacity 15L clean water tank and 15L waste water tank with an exclusive workstation. Automatically fill and drain the water at the workstation No manual intervention´╝îworry-free and labor-saving.

puducc1 has effective auto charging capabilities allowing for it to return to charging when power is low

Auto Charging

The robot will automatically return to the charging pile [3] ,when the power is low.

Digital Cleaning

Get real-time notifications and reports for cleaning performance.Get real-time notifications for cleaning performance, such as cleaning time and cleaning area.

puducc1 has an amazing ui equip
robot list nav showing pudu cc1 settings
pudu cc1 track list and charing options on the nav
map detail shown on app for controlling pudu cc1
interface of map showing notification and reports for pudu c11

Digitization and visualization of cleaning effects

Collect and summarize the working status of each unit, automatically generate a cleaning report.
pudu cc1 report daily cleaning interface showing what is on the app
digitazation and visualisation ui for pudu c11 cleaning tasks

Usage Scenarios

A cleaning robot in action, maneuvering around desks and chairs to clean an office space.
Office building
A smart cleaning robot working its way through a school corridor, keeping the premises spotless and hygienic.
Pudu CC1 in a shopping mall, effortlessly navigating around displays and counters to keep the store neat and tidy.
A robotic cleaner hard at work in a restaurant, sanitizing surfaces and ensuring a hygienic dining environment.
Food & Beverage
A robot cleaning a hospital room, using advanced technology to kill germs and bacteria to keep patients safe.
Health Care
A cleaning robot in a factory, easily moving around machinery to keep the production floor sparkling clean.
A robotic cleaner working efficiently on a train or bus, keeping public transport hygienic for passengers.
Public Transport
A smart cleaning robot in a hotel, efficiently cleaning guest rooms to provide a comfortable stay for guests.

Purchasing Options

Once you have selected your desired plan above, contact us to commence the process. In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us for any clarifications. 
pudu cc1 is a great robot you can purchase outright at bothub
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pudu cc11 has an amazing clean water tank of 15L


Cleaning mode
Sweeping | Mopping | Scrubbing  | Vacumming
Machine Dimensions
Water Tank Capacity
Clean Water Tank 15L | Waste Water Tank 15L
Charging Time
< 3h
Run Time
Max 8h
Cleaning Operating Noise
< 60dB
Cruise speed
Max 1.2m/s (Max 3.94ft/s)
Battery Life
Scrubbing - 5 h
Sweeping+Vacuuming + Mopping - 5 h
Carpet vacuuming - 4 h
Silent mopping - 9 h
Machine Weight
75kg (165.35pounds)
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