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    Universal Delivery Robot | Relay of Classic
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    Leading robotics supplies for your business

    Our advanced meal delivery robots can help your business run better
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  • 4 Popular Ways of using our robot

    Point to Point / Section Delivery

    Advantages of Section Delivery 

    Selction delivery can play different roles in multiple scenarios to improve service effieicy, reduce cost, and enhance store experience for your customers !
    Efficiency Enhancement
    Cost Reduction
    Enhance store Experience
    Businesses of all types — from auto manufacturers to hospitals, from job shops to hotels — could benefit from point-to-point section delivery, providing cost-effective solution to enhance store experience and efficiency. Point-to-point delivery ..
    Point to Point / Section Delivery
    Common Venus : Restaurants
    Cruise Mode to serve drinks and snacks
    Common Venus : Gaming Rooms / Functions
    On demand point to point delivery
    Common Venus : WareHouses
    Attraction / Customer Engagement Mode
    Common Venus : Retail Department Stores and Marketing Events
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Robots that help grow your business

At BotHub, we offer a wide range of robotics solutions & products to various industries. Many businesses, particularly in the hospitality industry, have started to employ 'contactless' technology, which is changing how we deal with staff shortages and COVID-19 concerns. 
Our extensive line of intelligent robotic assistants will assist you in achieving many things, including:
  • Maximising Business Performance
  • Reduce Company Operation Costs
  • Improve Workplace Safety
See our robot range
bellabot slam and visual slam technology
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Limited time only!

Book your 7 days no - cost trial

Choose one of our robotic assistants and talk with us to have one of our robots at your location to test, absolutely free! We have a range of rent-to-buy options with discounted offers.
kettybot autonomous navigation robot
puductor dynamic tray system
bellabot cute delivery robot for business
holabot front image
flashbot building delivery robot for office
puductor II coronavirus disinfection robot

Robotics are changing industries across Australia

The hospitality industry is adopting robotics solutions Australia-wide
Case studies
If you own a restaurant or a retail store, you understand how difficult it is to operate on Sunday because of the high operation costs and penalty rates. 
Many Australian companies are also turning to clever robotic assistants as a means of coping with the unprecedented challenges posed by COVID-19. Our fantastic line of assistants manufactured by Pudurobotics is helping businesses achieve: 
  • Contactless Operations: COVID-Normal Solutions 
  • Offsetting Staff Shortages 
  • Cost-Efficiencies

Say farewell to business inefficiencies & shortcomings

Adopt affective robotic assistants to enrich your company
Hiring robot assistants can assist you in avoiding the hassles of dealing with repetitive activities that consume too much time for you and your workers. Pudu Bot, for example, is a highly collaborative robot that may carry 400 items each day. Having Pudubot at your workplace can allow your staff to focus on more essential duties in your company.
autonomous recharge capabilities
Allow your staff to do what they do best
save money on autonomous robotic assistants
Reduced labour costs
slam technology for accurate navigation
Easing staffing issues
pudubot adjustable multi tray capacity

Product selection

Stay ahead of the curve with our robotics supplies
If you own a restaurant or a retail store, you understand how difficult it is to operate on Sunday because of the high operation costs and penalty rates. 
pudubot 2 available as your go-to delivery robot at bothub products


Delivery Robot
PuduBot 2, the newly upgraded delivery robot from Pudu Robotics, inherits excellent features and functions of PuduBot. PuduBot 2 is committed to realizing intelligent deliveries in all scenarios, promoting the application of service robots and accelerating the overall robot development with higher performance, better extendability, adaptability and reliability.

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swifbot amazing industry leading delivery robot available at bothub products


Delivery Robot
Powered by industry-leading collision sensing technology and Pudu-developed advanced algorithm, SwiftBot aims at being the most intelligent and secure commercial delivery robot. SwiftBot can detect passer-by and initiatively make way for pedestrian in a timely manner. Even in a highly dynamic and complex environment, SwiftBot can conduct and complete its tasks with ease, while at the same time surprises you with its multifunctionality and high-reliability.

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ketty bot building delivery robot for all types of autonomous tasks in an office


Building Delivery Robot
Unlike any robot, you've seen before. It has high accuracy for precise positioning and optimal path planning in the busiest environments, like bustling restaurants or office spaces. Kettybot can function in cruise mode, which helps it provide drinks and snacks while broadcasting promotional messages about your services.
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pudbot available as an intelligent delivery robot


Intelligent Delivery Robot
The PuduBot is the only robot with a 41x50mm tray, allowing it to serve two tables per delivery efficiently. It also integrates cutting edge sensor technology used for self-driving cars. This allows it to easily navigate busy working environments within bustling workplaces such as hospitals or restaurants.
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bella bot, the most popular premium delivery robot we have on offer


Premium Delivery Robot
BellaBot is a revolutionary food delivery robot from PuduRobotics. With the latest technology, including 3D obstacle avoidance and voice control, BellaBot will bring your meals to you faster than ever. Spend less time cooking and more with those you love!
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holabot, large capacity trays and a water resistant inner cabin is the go-to


Delivery Robot
With Holabot, you just need to wave your hands above HolaBot & it will return safely to work! Perfect for all industries, this HolaBot has three large-capacity trays, making it easy to transport virtually anything around. It also has a water-resistant inner cabin that is detachable & easy to clean.
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flashbot building delivery robot for office


Building Delivery Robot
Turn the elevator into your delivery robotic system. Flash Bot is powered by leading-edge technology, taking intelligent robot building deliveries to the next level, bypassing hotel lobbies and delivering room service items directly inside guest rooms. It can carry anything you need for a day in the office!
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puductor II coronavirus disinfection robot

Puductor II

Disinfection Robot
The Puductor II is an autonomous disinfection robot that uses a combination of dry mist technology and UV light to sanitise rooms. It operates with an efficacy rating of 99.99 per cent in a vast range of working environments & circumstances, successfully sanitising all forms of disinfection levels across various industries. 
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pudu cc1 a verstile a tactile robot servant for a vast range of needs at bothub


Intelligent Commercial Cleaning Robot
Sweeping, Scrubbing, Vacuuming and Mopping multi- function in one. All cleaning needs can be easily met by one machine.

Large Capacity 15L clean water tank and 15L waste water tank with an exclusive workstation. Automatically fill and drain the water at the workstation No manual intervention,worry-free and labor-saving.
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bothub robot accessories needed at bothub sydney for repair

Robot Accessories

Customise your robot with a wide variety of add-ons, from spill-proof beverage holders, dish cabinets, charging docks, to robot stickers for a customised look and feel that matches your precise needs, a new look for every occasion

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Customer reviews

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Kettybot arrived right on time, and I was stunned at how agile it is. It has a large colour display that allows me to advertise my promotional material without any hassles. We used it for a huge function with almost 100 people, and it helped with dish collection & delivery so well. It’s an amazing robot receptionist! Thanks, Kettybot!
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Events & Function Coordinator
puductor II covid 19 disinfection robot

Using these robots will help attract favourable attention to your business

We provide a large selection of innovative service delivery robots from Pudu Robotics. These sophisticated delivery robots are ideal for taking on menial and repetitive chores. 
You can also personalise the voices and personalities of each robot to make them more approachable and relevant to your sector.
Key sectors & businesses we supply to:
Food Services Industry
Hotels & Motels
Schools & Educational Institutions
Government Sector
Retail / Shopping Centres
Corporate Office Environments
Medical / Health Care Sector
The Agricultural Sector
Manufacturing Industrial Robots

As seen on…

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Limited time only!

Organise your 7-day free trial now!

We provide a 7-day free trial of any of our robots at your business. We are big believers in the capabilities of these assistants. 
We think that all you have to do is spend a little time with them to grasp how innovative they are. These robots provide real-world solutions for new problems that business owners face in today's world.
We have a range of rent-to-buy options with discounted offers available. Alternatively, you may book a demonstration at our Rydalmere showroom. 
holabot intelligent delivery large carrying

Happy Clients

How to set up your robotics assistant

A quick & easy guide
All robotics supplies and assistants are different, of course. However, we've gone through basic instructions on putting up and operating your robotic assistant to provide you with a clear picture of how simple they are to use.
7 day free trial
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Order your robot kit
The first step is to order one of our assistants for hire or purchase. We offer a range of plans for various industries and customers, so you can find a plan that fits your needs! Call us now on. 
1300 122 221
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Turn on your robot assistant!
All of our robotic assistants come pre-assembled. The last thing you want is countless robot parts to assemble. Our robots feature easily accessible power buttons that will get your robot up and functioning in no time!
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Connect your robot to your network
Our intuitive user interface will lead you towards a set-up option. From there, you quickly access your internet or Wi-Fi network to update the robot to the current operating system. After the update is completed, your robot is almost ready to go!
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Connect your robot to your network
Enjoy your robotic assistant! You will need to run through and configure the settings to set up the positioning required concerning your workplace. All of these procedures will be clearly described in our comprehensive tutorial, together with video instructions.

Everything you need to know

What are the different types of businesses that use robotics?
Schools, hospitals, retail businesses, offices, manufacturing and distribution firms, farming operations, restaurants and food services fall within the scope.
Do all robots come fully assembled?
Most of our robotic assistant products come fully assembled! However, it takes no longer than 30 minutes to set up most of our products; it's very straightforward!
Are your products easy to use?
Yes! We're all about a seamless user experience that makes things very easy for our customers. 
How long does the no-cost trial last? 
7 days! Alternatively, you can organise an appointment for a demonstration of our robots at our Rydalmere showroom. 
How does a business get started with robotics solutions for their business?
By calling us! Don't hesitate to speak to one of our friendly robotics experts to help you understand how to adopt a wide range of devices and machines to help your business or institution. 
Are robotics solutions affordable?
Very! We have a wide range of competitive rental & lease packages and shipping deals. That's not to mention the high costs you will cut and the savings you will make by utilising robotics. 
How do bots or software handle day-to-day tasks like inventory, customer service, and sales?
RPA, also known as Robotic Process Automation, replaces people with robots to automate very basic and repetitious tasks error-free while also being lightning quick.
Where can a business find more information about robots for their company?
If you have any questions regarding our vast inventory of goods and services, please do not hesitate to go through them here on our services page. Or give us a call! We take pleasure in providing comprehensive and simple-to-understand information about the robotics supplies we provide.

Want to learn more about our robotics supplies? 

Get in touch!
Our robotic & automated solutions are having a major impact on industries around Australia. Join us! Organise a 7-day free trial now at your premises by calling us or fill out our form here. 
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