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This Robot Cat Waiter Delivers Your Food and Gets Fussy if You Pet it Too Longs
We’ve seen robot waiters before. Whether a novelty to get more customers or a necessity to battle staff shortages, robots have been becoming increasingly more common in the restaurant industry. The newest robot waiter from Shenzhen, China-based PuduTech puts a bit of a new spin on things. Meet Bella-Bot. It’s part waiter, part cat, and all robot. Like other robot waiters, it will bring food from kitchen to table. What makes BellaBot a bit different is its feline-like qualities. The onboard screen features a digital cat face to greet and react to customers.

BellaBot also includes an “advanced tactile feedback system.” So after the robot cat waiter delivers a meal, customers can scratch it on the head and pointy little ears rewarding it for a job well done. If the customer pets it the right way it will smile. If the person does not, BellaBot will give a look of dismay. The robot is also programmed with a variety of unique phrases. Other her friendly persona pre-programmed for the hospitality industry , BellaBot also has four stacked shelves where meal trays can be placed, customizable delivery functions, and a navigation system that will allow it to safely maneuver around restaurant customers, tables and chairs, and its human coworker.

At CES, PuduTech is also showcasing two other service-industry robots, including its faceless PuduBot and HolaBot, which has been designed to return dishes from the dining area to the kitchen. HolaBot can carry a total of 60 kilograms (132 pounds) worth of tableware on its built-in three-layer trays, and PuduTech says that adds up to 120 small plates, 39 large plates, and 33 bowls in one trip.

We will cover Hola-Bot in later posts, so keep a keen eye out!
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