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Witnessing a new era with advanced robotics

As the Internet has changed the way we work over the last 2 decades, we are now witnessing the beginning of a new wave of disruptive change through Robotics.
A History

Helping businesses adopt a new wave in robotics innovation

Our founder, Johnathan Wu, established BotHub after seeing a surge in cutting-edge robot devices that were (and still are) taking the globe by storm every day. We noticed that the disruptive potential of robotics wasn't matched by market adoption in Australia. BotHub was created to help Australian businesses adopt these spectacular robotic solutions by providing a wide range of robotics solutions.

Recognising the real-world implications of robotics

Not just a gimmick 

Robotics is changing the way we work and play. We quickly recognised the game-changing aspects of advances in robotics - from self-driving cars to efficient robotic assistants. They're no longer just gimmicky devices made for industry conferences or for viral YouTube videos. Rather, they're high-tech machines with far-reaching benefits for numerous industries across the world.
bellabot restaurant and hospitality robot

Helping empower your employees & business through cost-effective robotic solutions

We want to help your organisation or business embrace cost-effective robotics. Whether it leads to eliminating repetitive tasks thus lowering unnecessary labour expenses, reducing staffing difficulties, or allowing employees to focus on more essential work.

Offering intelligent robots that work will with humans & don't need sleep

The volatility of the employment market has never been more apparent in today's society, and we want to help you build resilient and secure solutions with robotics. After all, Robots won’t need to rest, eat, or have emotional issues to deal with.
wide range of autonomous robotic assistants

A wide range of robotics solutions!

Today, contactless operations are becoming more and more prevalent, especially as a result of COVID-19. Whether it's the hospitality sector, health care, a karaoke bar, or a large corporation, our staff are committed to supplying the bleeding edge of robotic assistants for you.
Our autonomous technologies and wide range of robotic supplies will help your business adapt to the ever-changing future of work.

Customer reviews

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Kettybot arrived right on time, and I was stunned at how agile it is. It has a large colour display that allows me to advertise my promotional material without any hassles. We used it for a huge function with almost 100 people, and it helped with dish collection & delivery so well. It’s an amazing robot receptionist! Thanks, Kettybot!
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Events & Function Coordinator

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The future is here 

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